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The Cheesecake Shop is an Australian franchise success story dating back to 1991. But when they first contacted us they were a brand in decline, urgently needing to reinvigorate customer numbers and sales. A thorough marketing audit revealed the key to this was the development of a new Brand Strategy centered upon separating TCS from their key competitor who were synonymous with mass-producing their cakes.

The light-bulb insight was that every TCS cake is still baked fresh on premises every day, so a new positioning was launched to leverage this brand truth, ‘Made with Love.’

Accompanied by a centralised national marketing strategy for the first time, we  managed the entire roll out of the campaign to 185 stores across Australia, including development of in-store merchandising, consumer promotions, magazine and radio advertising and the first national TVC in 10 years.

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The Cheesecake shop